The Climb: The FAQ

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Q: What is The Climb?

A: The Climb is the world's first VR rock climbing game from Crytek and Oculus. In The Climb, players will feel the rush and thrill of free solo rock climbing through beautiful environments, all from the comfort of their own home. The game is easily accessible for players of all ages and experiences, yet also delivers depth and challenge for veteran gamers.

The Climb makes players feel truly present in the game world and features breathtaking locations and immersive action made possible by CRYENGINE.

Q: Will the game use the Xbox One controller or the Oculus Touch controller?

A: It will support both.

Q: How many settings and locations will there be?

A: Our first setting is Asia. It's inspired by Vietnam's famous and picturesque Halong Bay, but also draws upon other features and landmarks from all over the continent to create an exciting rock climbing environment. There will be more settings and locations around the world too, which we will reveal in due course.

Q: What game modes will there be?

A: The main game mode comes with various settings and difficulty levels, and there will also be a Training mode.

Q: How is the sport of climbing represented in the game?

A: The Climb uses elements of the real life sport in gameplay to give players the sensation of rock climbing. For example, gameplay revolves around exploring rock faces to find a path to the top, and you must find different grips or holds, each with their own challenge, to lift yourself as you chart your own route. Rock climbing in real life is physically demanding. As athletes climb they sweat and chalk is used by climbers to return grip to sweaty hands. This is reflected in the game, as the more active you are, the more you'll need to use chalk on your in-game hands so you can stay on the rock!

Q: Is there an in-game character?

A In the Climb the player is represented by a pair of hands. By removing the body of a character, the player's view is not obstructed and the movements made in the game feel much more intuitive and natural.

Q: Will there be achievements?

A: There will be achievements, and we'll have more information as we move towards launch. Stay tuned!

Q: Where is The Climb being developed?

A: The Climb is being developed at our Frankfurt headquarters by our VR Team.

Q: What technology is the game being developed with?

A: The game is being developed on CRYENGINE which gives us the power to deliver a truly immersive VR experience.

Q: What is the age rating?

A: There is no age restriction.

Q: When will The Climb be released?

A: To be confirmed.

Q: Will the game feature microtransactions?

A: We are not planning to have any microtransactions in the game.

Q: In which languages will The Climb be localized?

A: We are currently planning to release the game in English, French, Spanish and German.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to run the game?

A: We are planning to release the game to run on Oculus Rift's recommended specs:


Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater




NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater


Windows 7 SP1 or newer


Oculus Rift, native resolution

The Climb Team

December 15, 2015

The Climb: The Reveal!

Adrenaline and adventure collide in Crytek's Oculus Rift Title, “The Climb"

Feel the unrivalled adrenaline rush of free solo rock climbing and encounter the majesty of nature like never before in The Climb – a new virtual reality game from Crytek – coming exclusively to Oculus.

The Climb invites thrill-seekers to experience the ultimate in extreme sports by going beyond the point of no return and scaling deadly cliff faces unaided. The game boasts hyper-realistic climbing locations from around the world, and players will discover the freedom of gaming with the Rift using either an Xbox One controller or Oculus Touch controllers as they soak up their awe-inspiring surroundings.

Oculus Head of Worldwide Studios, Jason Rubin said: “Crytek is renowned for leveraging their CRYENGINE tech to create beautiful, immersive games. Their early VR demos really captured public imagination, and to see their ideas come to life with Rift is incredible and not to be missed. The Climb is a beautiful combination of art and thrill that's bringing an entirely new level of adventure gaming to Rift."

Also commenting on the collaboration, Founder, CEO & President of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, said: “Gaming has always given us the opportunity to place ourselves in otherwise impossible scenarios, and VR technology such as the Rift makes us feel present in those scenarios like never before. The Climb invites players to experience the intensity of one of the world's most dangerous sports, and they'll truly feel the thrill of being thousands of meters above the ground with nothing but their skill and a few precarious handholds to rely on."

December 15, 2015

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