The Climb 360°: Bay Ascent

A climber's reward is the journey – and the view from the peak. In our new interactive, 360-degree video, you can preview the ascent in The Climb's Asian-themed Bay level and check out the jaw-dropping view. You'll have to try it on Oculus Rift to get the full experience, but by clicking on the arrows in the video's upper left hand corner or dragging the cursor across the screen, you can get a look at all 360-degrees of the Bay panorama.

Join the flocks of birds soaring leisurely above the pristine azure water as the camera takes you past some of our climbing routes and checkpoints, lush vegetation, and intricate buildings. Hundreds of feet below, the colorful island buildings appear as crumbs scattered at the feet of the towering limestone giants on the horizon. You can even look down – if you dare.

March 02, 2016